Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank Goodness for a Happy Ending

This afternoon I did something that thank goodness there was a happy ending because I don't know what I would have of done if the worse had happened. I was pulling into our road/driveway, I was slowed down to a crawl and I was turning in to our second driveway and I could see Abby, then I heard her squeal really loud. I stopped very sudden and then I saw her come from around my car and she had one of her front legs off the ground and was hobbling. I got out of the car, and I just started crying, because I had hit her. I called Kevin and his first response was "Is she dead?" The happy ending is that she didn't even have to go to the vet, that after about a minute she was back to her old self, running and jumping around like nothing was wrong. But I know that I had to at least bumped her with my tire or hit her paw with my tire. Kevin called after about 30 minutes after that happened to check on Abby to see if she was okay and to check on me to see if I was okay. He also wanted to know how many milk bones Abby had had. I told him at that moment none. Which he said, you just almost ran over her, she should at least get 1. Which I gave her 2 after I got off the phone with him. But it was a very upsetting 10 minutes. Thankfully, I can say this story had a happy ending.

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Wanda said...

I am glad you were going slow and that it wasn't someone else that would not be watching out for her. One of those big trucks would have made it a sad ending. I am so glad she is okay - God bless our little dogs.

Love you both - Aunt Wanda